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SlatWall Floor Displays
Laminated SlatWall Displays provide flexibility for changing information and promotions.  Accessories hook into slatwall panel grooves.  SlatWall Displays available in Floor and Wall styles.  SlatWall Displays can be customized with your custom message or name header.  SlatWall laminate finishes available in Maple with aluminum trim, Black with black trim, Mahogany with black trim, Gray with aluminum trim.

SlatWall Laminate

SlatWall Floor Displays 2 and 3 Sided
Available with or without 4" matching laminate header in white or black vinyl print only.  Two-Sided Tower and Two-Sided Mini Tower require some assembly.

3-Sided Kiosk, 22"W SlatWall, 69" Height, with 4" Header
SlatWall Laminate Finish                  M.F. Blouin number           Vault number
Maple with Black copy Header                       D019880                    SWFDK3SHME
Black with White copy Header                       D019880                     SWFDK3SHBK
Mahogany with White copy Header                D019880                    SWFDK3SHMY
Gray with Black copy Header                         D019880                    SWFDK3SHGY

3-Sided Kiosk, 22"W SlatWall, 69" Height, with No Header
SlatWall Laminate Finish           M.F. Blouin number       Vault number
Maple                                                D019880NH               SWFDK3SME
Black                                                 D019880NH                SWFDK3SBK
Mahogany                                          D019880NH               SWFDK3SMY
Gray                                                  D019880NH               SWFDK3SGY

2-Sided Tower, 22"W SlatWall, 72" Height, with 4" Header
SlatWall Laminate Finish                    M.F. Blouin number           Vault number
Maple with Black copy Header                        D019881                     SWFDT2SHME
Black with White copy Header                        D019881                     SWFDT2SHBK
Mahogany with White copy Header                 D019881                     SWFDT2SHMY
Gray with Black copy Header                          D019881                     SWFDT2SHGY

2-Sided Tower, 22"W SlatWall, 72" Height, with No Header
SlatWall Laminate Finish                M.F. Blouin number    Vault number
Maple                                                     D019881NH            SWFDT2SME
Black                                                      D019881NH             SWFDT2SBK
Mahogany                                               D019881NH            SWFDT2SMY
Gray                                                       D019881NH            SWFDT2SGY

2-Sided Mini Tower, 10"W SlatWall, 60" Height, with 4" Header, not pictured but similar to 2-Sided Tower with 4" Header above

SlatWall Laminate Finish                      M.F. Blouin number           Vault number
Maple with Black copy Header                           D019885                   SWFDMT2SHME
Black with White copy Header                           D019885                   SWFDMT2SHBK
Mahogany with White copy Header                    D019885                   SWFDMT2SHMY
Gray with Black copy Header                             D019885                   SWFDMT2SHGY

2-Sided Mini Tower, 10"W SlatWall, 60" Height, with No Header, not pictured but similar to 2-Sided Tower with No Header above
SlatWall Laminate Finish                      M.F. Blouin number           Vault number
Maple                                                            D019885NH                 SWFDMT2SME
Black                                                             D019885NH                 SWFDMT2SBK
Mahogany                                                      D019885NH                 SWFDMT2SMY
Gray                                                              D019885NH                 SWFDMT2SGY

Combination Oak Floor Display with SlatWall
Hand-Crafted Solid Oak Floor Frame Displays available in 5 standard finishes - Light Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Golden Oak, and Black.  Custom finishes available per request.  Displays feature 23 1/2"W X 46 1/2"H SlatWall Panel so SlatWall accessories can be added. 

Oak Floor Display Finishes
                                                                                                Light Oak              Cherry                     Mahogany                   Golden Oak                  Black

                                                                                                                       Maple                           Black                        Mahogany                      Gray

SlatWall Laminate

2-Sided Floor Tower
Dimensions 26 3/4"W X 72 3/4"H
Oak Floor Display Finish and         M.F. Blouin number          Vault number
     SlatWall Finish
Light Oak with Maple                                D019886                  SWCOFD2TLOME
Light Oak with Black                                 D019886                  SWCOFD2TLOBK
Light Oak with Mahogany                          D019886                  SWCOFD2TLOMY
Light Oak with Gray                                  D019886                  SWCOFD2TLOGY                   
Cherry with Maple                                    D019886                  SWCOFD2TCHME
Cherry with Black                                     D019886                  SWCOFD2TCHBK
Cherry with Mahogany                              D019886                  SWCOFD2TCHMY
Cherry with Gray                                      D019886                  SWCOFD2TCHGY
Mahogany with Maple                               D019886                  SWCOFD2TMYME
Mahogany with Black                                D019886                  SWCOFD2TMYBK
Mahogany with Mahogany                         D019886                  SWCOFD2TMYMY
Mahogany with Gray                                 D019886                  SWCOFD2TMYGY
Golden Oak with Maple                             D019886                  SWCOFD2TGOME
Golden Oak with Black                              D019886                   SWCOFD2TGOBK
Golden Oak with Mahogany                       D019886                  SWCOFD2TGOMY
Golden Oak with Gray                               D019886                  SWCOFD2TGOGY
Black with Maple                                      D019886                  SWCOFD2TBKME
Black with Black                                       D019886                   SWCOFD2TBKBK
Black with Mahogany                                D019886                   SWCOFD2TBKMY
Black with Gray                                        D019886                   SWCOFD2TBKGY

3-Sided Floor Kiosk
Dimensions 26 3/4"W X 72 3/4"H
Oak Floor Display Finish and          M.F. Blouin number         Vault number
SlatWall Finish

Light Oak with Maple                                D019883                  SWCOFD3KLOME
Light Oak with Black                                 D019883                  SWCOFD3KLOBK
Light Oak with Mahogany                          D019883                  SWCOFD3KLOMY
Light Oak with Gray                                  D019883                  SWCOFD3KLOGY
Cherry with Maple                                   D019883                   SWCOFD3KCHME
Cherry with Black                                     D019883                  SWCOFD3KCHBK
Cherry with Mahogany                             D019883                   SWCOFD3KCHMY
Cherry with Gray                                     D019883                   SWCOFD3KCHGY
Mahogany with Maple                              D019883                   SWCOFD3KMYME
Mahogany with Black                               D019883                   SWCOFD3KMYBK
Mahogany with Mahogany                        D019883                   SWCOFD3KMYMY
Mahogany with Gray                                D019883                   SWCOFD3KMYGY
Golden Oak with Maple                            D019883                   SWCOFD3KGOME
Golden Oak with Black                             D019883                   SWCOFD3KGOBK
Golden Oak with Mahogany                      D019883                   SWCOFD3KGOMY
Golden Oak with Gray                              D019883                   SWCOFD3KGOGY
Black with Maple                                     D019883                   SWCOFD3KBKME
Black with Black                                      D019883                   SWCOFD3KBKBK
Black with Mahogany                               D019883                   SWCOFD3KBKMY
Black with Gray                                       D019883                   SWCOFD3KBKGY

4-Sided Floor Kiosk, not pictured
Dimensions 26 3/4"W X 72 3/4"H
Oak Floor Display Finish and        M.F. Blouin number            Vault number
SlatWall Finish

Light Oak with Maple                               D019887                    SWCOFD4KLOME
Light Oak with Black                                D019887                    SWCOFD4KLOBK
Light Oak with Mahogany                         D019887                    SWCOFD4KLOMY
Light Oak with Gray                                 D019887                    SWCOFD4KLOGY
Cherry with Maple                                   D019887                    SWCOFD4KCHME
Cherry with Black                                    D019887                    SWCOFD4KCHBK
Cherry with Mahogany                             D019887                    SWCOFD4KCHMY
Cherry with Gray                                     D019887                    SWCOFD4KCHGY
Mahogany with Maple                              D019887                    SWCOFD4KMYME
Mahogany with Black                               D019887                    SWCOFD4KMYBK
Mahogany with Mahogany                        D019887                    SWCOFD4KMYMY
Mahogany with Gray                                D019887                     SWCOFD4KMYGY
Golden Oak with Maple                            D019887                     SWCOFD4KGOME
Golden Oak with Black                             D019887                     SWCOFD4KGOBK
Golden Oak with Mahogany                      D019887                     SWCOFD4KGOMY
Golden Oak with Gray                              D019887                     SWCOFD4KGOGY
Black with Maple                                     D019887                     SWCOFD4KBKME
Black with Black                                      D019887                     SWCOFD4KBKBK
Black with Mahogany                               D019887                     SWCOFD4KBKMY
Black with Gray                                       D019887                      SWCOFD4KBKGY

SlatWall Accessories
Customize your SlatWall Wall or Floor Displays. Accessories sold individually.

Acrylic Sign Holder for Posters
Size                        M.F. Blouin number       Vault number
8 1/2"W X 11"H               D0197550S                SWAASS811
11"W X 14"H                   D0197550S               SWAASS1114
11"W X 17"H                   D0197550S               SWAASS1117
22"W X 28"H                   D0197550S               SWAASS2228
22"W X 28"H**                D019751S              SWAASS2228NG
    **Non-Glare Poster Holder

Single Pocket Clear Acrylic Literature Holders
Size                     M.F. Blouin number            Vault number
4"W X 6"H                     D01960S                      SWAALH1P46
5 1/2"W X 6"H               D01960S                      SWAALH1P56
8 1/2"W X 6"H               D01960S                      SWAALH1P86

Multi-Pocket Literature Holders with Removable
Peg Dividers, 4-pocket and 5-pocket styles available
4-pocket pictured on left. 5-pocket pictured on right.
Size                                         M.F. Blouin number     Vault number
4-pocket                                            D019730S              SWAAMLH4P
     19 3/4"W X 9 1/2"H X 2 1/2"D
5-pocket                                            D019731S              SWAAMLH5P
                                       22 3/4"W X 9 1/2"H X 2 1/2"D

Acrylic Literature Holders
3-Tier Holder, holds 8 1/2"W X 11"H Literature, dimensions 9 1/4"W X 23 1/4"H X 3"D,
pictured on left
                                    M.F. Blouin number                               Vault number
                                            FLMI07143                                      SWAALH3T9233
6-Tier Holder, holds 4"W X 9"H Brochures, dimensions 4 3/8"W X 23 1/4'H X 3"D,
pictured on right
                                    M.F. Blouin number                               Vault number
                                                          FLMI07144                                     SWAALH6T4233

Acrylic Clear Half Moon Shelf
dimensions 12"W X 4"H X 6 1/2"D
M.F. Blouin number                  Vault number
SLT0125                                     SWAACHMS

Acrylic Shelf with Supports, dimensions 12"W X 7 1/2"D
Color                 M.F. Blouin number          Vault number
Black                         SLWS129                    SWAASWSBK
Clear                         SLWS129                   SWAASWSCLR

Acrylic Two-Compartment Bin,
bins 8"W X 6"D, dimensions 16 3/4"W X 4"H X 6 1/2"D
M.F. Blouin number                 Vault number
SLWB162                                     SWAA2CB

Acrylic Shelf with Sides, dimensions 10"W X 4"H X 6"D
M.F. Blouin number                 Vault number
SLWS126                                    SWAASWS

Four-Pocket, Two-Tier Literature Pocket, not pictured
9 1/4"W X 12 1/4"H X 2"D Pockets
M.F. Blouin number                  Vault number
FLMI00217S                                SWA4P2TLP

**Additional styles of Floor Frames are available, for details use the Contact Us tab on our website or contact Roger Zavodny directly by e-mail at
roger@myvaultllc.com or by phone at 440-346-4593.
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