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Acrylic Cube Suggestion Boxes
Clear or Black acrylic entry box with hinged top.  Closing latch fits over eyelot for padlock (not included) or security seal (not included) closure.  Available in 2 sizes - Large (12" square) and Small (7 3/4" square).  Optional 11"W X 8 1/2" clear acrylic front insert channel for graphic materials on Large size box only.
Item and Color                           M.F. Blouin number                       Vault number
Small Clear Acrylic Box                           D00756                                    SBACSCLR
Small Black Acrylic Box                           D00756                                     SBACSBK 
                                       Large Clear Acrylic Box                           D00755                                    SBACLCLR
                                       Large Black Acrylic Box                           D00755                                     SBACLBK
                                       Insert Channel for Large Box                  D00755D                                     SBACIC


Acrylic Locking Collection / Tip Box
Hinged bottom with key lock and 2 keys.  Available in all black or clear with black sides.  Size is 8"W X 9 1/4"H X 3 3/4"D with 4"W slot.

Item                                            M.F. Blouin number                         Vault number
Clear and Black Box                                 D00740                                    TBALCCLRBK
All Black Box                                           D00740                                       TBALCBK

Small Locking Tip Box
Block locking box with 2 keys.  Made of black ABS plastic.  Dimensions 4"W X 6"H X 4"D with 2"W slot.

Item                                              M.F. Blouin number                          Vault number
Small Locking Black Tip Box                        D00741                                         TBSLBK

**Additional styles of Suggestion Boxes and Tip Boxes are available, for details use the Contact Us tab on our website or contact Roger Zavodny directly by e-mail at
roger@myvaultllc.com or by phone at 440-346-4593.

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